I should have been more explicit about where 11.5% came from. To be fair, 11.5% or 7% assumes I would put nothing else into the account, which is unlikely.

This isn't my only investment account, nor my strategy to build wealth. Even if it were to grow to $80,000, in 4o years, I can't do much with that. This method is purely an experiment to see how much money I can make from $0.00.

The point of this is the concept of taking $0.00 and growing it. Even if the title was How I am taking $0 and growing it to $11k, the content & process is still the same.

The novel concept here is taking $0.00 and making it grow as much as possible. I used none of my earned income on this experiment. In my most recent article, I write about how $0.00 can make me a millionaire from the same starting point as mentioned here, except with regular monthly investments (again, all from $0.00).

I hope that the concept of making money from nothing and investing the profit empowers ordinary folks to start their investing journey.

And sure, use whatever subset of stock market performance you want to inform your assumed growth rate, the point it start.

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A millennial en route to financial independence and early retirement.

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