For anyone who can't get past the assumed 11.5% ROI here are a few things I will say about that:

1) 11.5% comes from the annualized return from the S&P 500 over the past 40 years with dividends re-invested.

2) If that doesn't sit well with you, use a 7% ROI, invest 1k initially, use the $50 to get more inventory and net $420 a month, in 40 years, you will have over a million dollars. Not bad for starting from nothing.

3) The point here is to show a process of taking $0 and making it grow. This is the process *I* am using, and am having fun with. You are welcome to replicate it by 1) Reselling 2) Investing the profit long-term

4) How large can you turn $0 into? and what is your process?

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A millennial en route to financial independence and early retirement.

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