The repeated financial advice my immigrant father gave me was to “save money.” Was this advice smart? Yes! Was it intelligent? Not at all.

What’s the difference between being smart with your money vs. being intelligent with it? As a random personal finance blogger, I don’t pretend that my opinion…

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Did you know that the higher your savings rate is, the less time you have to work? Assuming you’re investing the money you don’t spend, of course.

Mr. Money Mustache who popularized the FI/RE movement broke down the math behind this concept of saving more to work less in his…

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Financial Independence Definition

If you’ve heard of FIRE, you may know that FI = financial independence and RE = retire early. What exactly is financial independence, though? Imagine living a life where your wants and necessities are obtained without having to rely on your current job for a paycheck, or any job for…

The Retired Millennial

A millennial en route to financial independence and early retirement.

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